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Getting so irritated. Every day it’s the same thing. Wake up, fill your room with cigarette and weed smoke cause you “need” it to be you. And play one video game all day and then bring your friends over who use you for the little bit that you have and have them fill your room with smoke as well. It’s never a boyfriend/ girlfriend day because you don’t want to cuddle because you’re “not” tired. Im tried of being treated like my needs don’t matter, when you should be doing everything you can for me since I give everything I can for you. Including hundreds of dollars to do things for you that you’ll never be able to do. I know I’m a fantastic girlfriend, but yet you treat me like I’m some butch who shouldn’t speak her opinion and who has no needs. I’m getting to the point of breaking.

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So over this bullshit. Fuck everything and everyone.

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